Blanchard Grinding

Blanchard Grinding

Also known as rotary surface grinding, the Blanchard grinder removes material from metal surfaces in a cost-effective and efficient manner. This method of grinding produces a finished surface on virtually any material although most machinists use it on ferrous metals. Our machine produces its distinct cross-hatch pattern by using a vertical spindle and magnetic rotating table to hold the metal in place. We are able to meet tolerances of +/- 0.005″.

Blanchard Grinder in Action

Blanchard Grinding

○ Also known as rotary surface grinding
○ Tolerances of roughly +/- 0.005″
○ More cost-effective than other grinding methods

Blanchard Grinding Specs

Machine Capabilities

○ 60″ wheel
○ 36″ chuck
○ Works with projects up to 70″ span

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Blanchard Gallery

Can We Handle Your Project?

Quickly find out if your project will fit our Blanchard grinder using our Blanchard calculator. Enter your part size in inches and click Calc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blanchard Grinding?

Also known as a rotary surface grinder, this machine removes material through grinding to produce an extremely flat surface. This process allows us to make your part fit within the tolerance you need.
What is the largest material your grinder can handle?

Our grinder has a 60″ magnetic chuck and 36″ grinding wheel. It can handle projects up a 70″ span. Plug your project’s specs into the calculator above to find out if it will fit our grinder.
Top and Bottom Cleanup

We can process the top side of your part and then flip it to process the bottom side. This allows for a clean, flat surface on both sides of your part.
What tolerance can you meet?

We can grind your part to the needed thickness within +/- 0.005 thousands.
What is your process for Blanchard Grinding?

Have us cut your project with our ALLtra Cutting machine.
-or- Bring your already cut material to our facility.
You may drop off your project -or- if prearranged, you may wait while we Blanchard grind your project.