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Std. cut tolerance -.00″/+.125″

Due to material handling and processing items may have light scratching. Raw Material is not meant to have a finished cosmetic look

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The 440C Stainless Steel includes extra carbon which makes it one of the hardest stainless steels. This stainless steel has high strength, moderate corrosion resistance, and good hardness and wear resistance. It falls into the martensitic category of stainless steels. It is magnetic and can be hardened to 60 HRC by heat treatment. Applications include rolling element bearings, valve seats, high-quality knife blades, surgical instruments, and chisels.


  • Production cutting

440C Heat Treating

Annealing: Heat 440C to 1650°F, hold at this temperature for two hours, then cool slowly at a maximum rate of 25°F per hour until the metal reaches a temperature of 1200°F. Air cool to room temperature.

Stress Relieving: Heat annealed metal to 1200°-1250° for two hours. Cool in still air. Heat hardened metal to 25°-50° below original tempering temperature, hold for two hours, then cool in still air.

Hardening: Start by preheating the 440C to 1100°-1250°F, equalize, then heat to 1400°-1450°, and equalize again.

Quench: 440C metal may be quenched in air, positive pressure vacuum, or interrupted oil to a temperature of 150°F.

Tempering: Heat 400C to 400°-800°F, hold at this temperature for two hours per temper. Double temper recommended. Avoid tempering between 800°-1200° as this temperature decreased both toughness and resistance.


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