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Std. cut tolerance -.00″/+.125″

Due to material handling and processing items may have light scratching. Raw Material is not meant to have a finished cosmetic look

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The high carbon and vanadium content of M4 makes it a versatile high-speed steel. The composition of this metal allows it to be hardened above 65HRC and gives it excellent resistance to wear and abrasion. However, It is more difficult to grind after heat treatment, has lower machinability, and low toughness. Use this metal for punches, die inserts, mills, taps, header tooling, and cutting tools.


  • Production cutting

Heat Treating

Forging: Heat to 2000-2100°F. Stop forging and reheat if the temperature drops below 1700°F. Slow cool after forging.

Annealing: Heat to 1600°F, hold for 2 hours, then slowly cool at a maximum rate of 30°F to 1000°F then air or furnace cool.

Stress Relieving: After machining, heat M4 metal to 1100°-1300°F and hold for two hours then air or furnace cool. For hardened parts, temper at 30°F below original tempering temperature.

Hardening: Start by preheating to 1500°-1550°F, then equalize. Heat to 1850° – 1900°F for high-temperature hardening in a vacuum.

Quench: Oil or air quench to 1000° – 1100°F, equalize, then air cool to lower than 125°F. Vacuum or atmosphere quench rate through the 1850°-1300°F range is critical for optimum results.

Tempering: Temper M4 at 1000°F minimum. Double tempering requires and triple tempering is recommended when hardening from 2100°F or higher. Air cool to room temperature between tempers.


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