H13 Round

H13 Round


Std. cut tolerance -.00″/+.125″

Due to material handling and processing items may have light scratching. Raw Material is not meant to have a finished cosmetic look

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H13 Round Tool Steel

The H13 tool steel is highly recommended for hot work. This steel maintains integrity in higher heat better than other metals. It contains a mix of chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium and has high toughness and hardenability. Tool and die makers find it useful for aluminum and zinc casting dies, as well as for aluminum extrusion, aluminum die casting, and press tooling.

Heat Treating

Forging: Start slow to uniformly heat the H13 to 1900°-2000°F. Reheat as necessary. Stop working when the temperature drops below 1650°F. Cool very slowly in lime, mica, dry ashes, or furnace after forging. Always anneal H13 after forging.

Annealing: Heat slowly to 1150-1650°F and hold the temperature until the entire piece is heated through. Furnace cool slowly at no more than 40°F per hour to around 1000°F. Cooling rate may be increased after reaching 1000°F. Take precautions to prevent excessive carburization or decarburization.

Hardening: Prior to hardening, warm the metal before placing it into the furnace preheated to 1400° – 1500°F. Heat to 1850°F and hold for an hour per inch of greatest thickness. Air cool or quench in oil for maximum hardness. Minimize decarburization by the use of a salt bath or controlled atmosphere furnace. Alternatively, you may pack hardening in spent pitch coke.

Tempering: Temper immediately after quenching. Various hardness may be reached by tempering at different temperatures. For maximum hardness or 50/52, temper at 1000°F. A temper of 1200°F gives a hardness of 32/34. Double temper if preferred.


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